It’s Happening! The Pool is Being Redone.

29 Sep

Soon there will be new decks and a new Olympic-sized pool–that doesn’t leak! And DCR just had the path before the bathhouse redone so that it now drains properly. And dozens of Charles River Conservancy volunteers will be at the park tomorrow doing their magic. PROGRESS!

Update: CRC volunteers removed invasives nightshade, bittersweet, ailanthus, dodder and bindweed on Friday. They also painted benches and picnic tables and picked up so much trash. Take a walk at the park. It’s looking beautiful!!!! Below, the CRC’s Sasha Vallieres and Louisa and Kailin beside an area that DCR just cut to restore the view!

One Response to “It’s Happening! The Pool is Being Redone.”

  1. Deb Emery September 29, 2022 at 5:05 pm #

    Ever grateful for your commitment to improving the park and recreation for the community!

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