What a Summer!

23 Sep

Art, music, nature, dance, poetry and so much more graced Magazine Beach. Hearty thanks to Mass Audubon and to the neighborhood talent that brought new energy, excitement and community to the park. Among the local talent were: Rob Riman, Scott Ruescher, Cecily Miller Michelle Lougee, Ken Fields, Linda Wells, Carol Faulkner and Carol Sylla.

The Charles River Conservancy has also been an awesome partner, organizing regular park cleanups and soon, leading its vegetation management.

DCR—this is a State park!—not only redid the bathhouse for the 2022 season but also managed the pool, which was such a refuge during those hot, hot days of summer. DCR has also been on the case removing graffiti and maintaining the grounds. (And they are planning now for the redo of the pool—this winter—and redo of the landscape between the pool and the river (Phase II-2)—next spring.)

Thank you, Cambridge, too, for your financial commitment to the park. Your engagement has inspired DCR investment. And thanks for your care of the playing fields!

And THANK YOU, WONDERFUL COMMUNITY. YOU, in fact, are the ones that truly inspired and continue to inspire the revitalization of this 17-acre green oasis!

Summer is now over, but park programming will continue into November. There will be West African dance & nature programs at the park THIS WEEKEND and much more to come.

See:  https://magazinebeach.org/events/.

One Response to “What a Summer!”

  1. Laurie September 25, 2022 at 11:37 am #

    Such great pictures of our reactivated and flourishing park treasure!

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