Summer Programs Launch Thursday, Ground Breaking is Friday…

15 Jun

This event is ON for TONIGHT, Thursday, June 21. Celebrate Summer at MB!


We’ve got a HUGE week ahead. Make Music Boston @ Magazine Beach, featuring local youth, is Thursday, June 21, 5-8pm (rain date: Friday, June 22). Activities will be in front of the Powder Magazine. And then, the morning of Friday, June 22 at 9am, DCR’s Comm. Leo Roy will lead us in a Canoe/Kayak Launch & Outlook Ground Breaking on the eastern end of the park, beside the Cottage Farm Plant (near the BU Bridge). What a fabulous way to start the summer. The spray deck is ON. The swimming pool opens Saturday, June 23. Come relax at the park!

The Spray Deck Is OPEN

11 Jun


Friday was momentous. It was hot. It was sunny. And DCR’s Comm. Roy led the ribbon cutting of the NEW spray deck. The kids were ecstatic and it was delightful as we splashed while grooving to the great tunes of  DJ Professor TEA–aka Cport’s own Tom Malone.  The spray deck will be open every day now through Sept. 3 from 9:30am to 7pm. The swimming pool opens Saturday, June 23 at 11:15am.

Thank you DCR, the City of Cambridge and Magazine Beach Partners (you, the community!) for their/your/our continued investment in the park. This is just the first improvement we’ll celebrate this summer. Later this month we’ll have a groundbreaking for the canoe/kayak launch and outlook (date TBD), and July 7, we’ll celebrate the completion of Powder Magazine renovations AND the 200th anniversary of that old granite-block building!

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Thank you to neighbor Bimal Nepal for these photos! To download your own high res photos, click here.




2018 Summer Programs!!!!!

7 Jun

For a higher resolution version of the event list, click here. Note: The spray deck opens TOMORROW, Friday, June 8 at 3:30pm (see below) and the swimming pool, Saturday, June 23.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.38.05 PM

Ribbon Cutting & Toddlers’ Dance Party @ NEW Splash Deck at Magazine Beach Park–TOMORROW, Friday, June 8, 3:30pm. FREE.  

Leo Roy, Commissioner of the Department of Recreation and Conservation, will officially open the NEW splash deck beside the swimming pool. Cambridgeport’s own DJ Professor TEA (a.k.a. Tom Malone) will host a Toddler’s Dance Party at the site afterwards to celebrate the occasion, so bring your little one and be ready to dance!

IMG_9695 copy

Have a Seat…

23 May


Look at what’s new at the park… Bring your book and settle in for a read.

Things are happening: The renovation of the Powder Magazine is almost complete and DCR is hard at work landscaping the area where the broken wading pool once was. AND BIG NEWS! Monday night the City Council approved the City Manager’s request for $44k for the boat launch. This was the last chunk of funding needed to proceed with this project. Look for construction on the east end of the park come June and a canoe and kayak launch and outlook there later this summer.

And the swimming pool opens Saturday, June 23 at 11:15am. The new spray deck will open Friday, June 8 at 3:30pm, followed by a Toddler’s Dance Party featuring Cambridgeport’s own DJ Professor TEA (a.k.a. Tom Malone). More on that and our amazing lineup of summer programs in the next weeks. See you at the park!

Swimming @ DCR Pool: June 23 -August 23, 11:15am-6:45pm

Splashing @ Spray Deck: June 8-Sept. 3, 9:30am-7pm






Thank You, Volunteers!

21 May

Thank you, Novartis, BU Academy and Salesforce, for your recent cleanups at Magazine Beach. May 10, over 100 Novartis employees painted park benches, picnic tables and fences, removed invasives plants, and picked up trash. May 16 BU Academy got dirty digging up those pesky phragmite rhizomes. And today, Salesforce are on site in the eastern swale once more.

We’re grateful to the Charles River Conservancy and Charles River Watershed Association for organizing these events. DCR counts on volunteers to help maintain the park. Thanks also to neighbors who have been watering the willow and to the Nature Heroes, who will be watering the new wildflower meadow weekly.


Look closely. To the left, a heron stands in the wetlands just to the east of the boat launch.


The Story of the Lost Gosling

18 May

IMG_0117Below is the story of the Lost Gosling, written and photographed by Paul Kelley, leader of Nature Heroes, a Habitat (Mass Audubon) program for Morse afterschool students at Magazine Beach. Thank you, Paul, and thank you heroes Lucy Weltner and Bill Nauman!

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Water the New Willow!

8 May

We need your help to water the new willow. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take the bucket beside the willow and walk down to the river. Fill the bucket.
  2. Water the willow.
  3. Leave the bucket upside down on one of the stakes beside the young tree for the next waterer. THANK YOU!

A slide show of other wonders at the park:

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A New Willow, A New Wildflower Meadow…

4 May

Turner Construction planted the new willow, among MANY park projects.

Among the many things that 45 volunteers from Turner Construction did at the park today was to plant a new weeping willow—along the river, near the old one—that one day, will be 50’ tall! They also raked away leaves and the countless broken twigs at the park, cut down the invasive ailanthus trees in the western swale and cleared out the dead vegetation and helped to plant a new wildflower meadow. And they gave us 2 new picnic tables. THANK YOU!

Take a walk at the park. It looks amazing. Also, please help water the new willow. By early next week there will be a bucket beside it that you can fill with river water. Willows need water!


Students from City on a Hill helped plant the wildflowers, working with the CRC and M4BD.

Also today, students from the City on the Hill School in Dorchester, along with the Charles River Conservancy (CRC) and Meadowmaking for Biodiversity M4BD), planted a wildflower garden beside the eastern swale.

Barbara Passero and Jean Devine have lovingly cultivated these plants and are now spreading them to several sites. We are lucky enough to be one of them. Barbara and Jean will be leading a Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program focusing on environmental entrepreneurship. They will be using Magazine Beach to help strengthen students’ understanding of ecosystems in the city. For more about their work, see:


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Many thanks are also due to the CRWA for coming to straighten out the tarp on the swales today, to the City of Cambridge for loaning us rakes and shovels, and to Mahoney’s, who gave us a break on the willow.


It’s Spring! It’s Summer?

2 May


Catch the cherry blossoms at the park this week. This first hot summer-like night, the park was filled with users: playing baseball, picnicking, drumming and relaxing. The river breeze refreshes. What a great place to cool off!


Earth Day Cleanup & Kids, Bugs, Art

30 Apr

IMG_1365 (1)Saturday was spectacular and 80 volunteers, including Troop 56, Forward Financing, the BU Forensics Group, the Boston Kiwanis Club and Cambridgeport neighbors were there picking up sticks and trash and preparing a flowerbed for a wildflower meadow. Thanks to all volunteers and to the CRWA, CRC and DCR for organizing this annual event.

IMG_1037And then the Cambridge Wildlife Puppetry Project brought Kids, Bugs, Art to the park, where children delighted in making bumble bee puppets, engaging in a nature scavenger hunt and talking with naturalists about the wonders of the park.

It just happened to be the most spectacular day we’ve had this spring and many were out savoring the day. May this be the first of so many more!