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Snow Magic

10 Feb

See the best snow forts I’ve ever seen near the exercise area, beside the BU rotary. Lots of snow at the park for cross country skiing and snow angels, and there’s so much beauty. For full disclosure, the snow doesn’t seem great for snowballs or snowmen yet–it’s still a little too powdery–but once it warms up a bit, come on down. Wear your boots. Only the paths along Memorial Drive are cleared. (DCR has also plowed the pedestrian footbridge at the foot of Magazine Street.)

The Park is Clean

23 Jan

Thanks to all who have helped clean up the park over the past week. Litter was everywhere, and especially along the new shoreline path. Inspired by an email from Whitney McFadden, I put out a call for help on MLK Day via two local listservs. Over the week, 10 volunteers helped pick up and this morning 6 scouts from our AMAZING & FAMOUS LOCAL Troop 56 (one of their own just became the FIRST female Eagle Scout in the USA) came to the rescue, with their parents and a few neighbors. We collected 11 big contractor bags of trash and 6 bags of leaves (clearing the pedestrian footbridge) and made many piles of sticks and branches. So grateful to you all!

If you see litter at the park, please pitch in and pick it up. Cambridge manages the eastern part of the park; their trash cans are at the boat launch and on the soccer field. DCR will return trash cans to the western part of the park later this spring.

If you seem problems at the park–e.g. cans needing to be emptied or big branches down–email and cc me at THANK YOU!

We also found 2 shopping carts and two bikes–one in the water. If they are yours, please claim them–they’re beside the Big Belly trashcan at the canoe/kayak launch.

2020 In Review

30 Dec

2020 was a bumpy ride but the shoreline path and Powder Magazine patio and terrace improvements opened and the park is looking spectacular. 

Together, we made Phase II-1 happen. Contributions from the community, the City and DCR made the dream a reality.

While the pandemic kept us from hosting programs, mostly, in 2020, we hope to resume children’s nature classes, story hour and art, music and exercise for everyone in 2021, and that DCR will select a community-oriented tenant for the newly restored Powder Magazine. Interpretative historical markers for the park are also in the works.

Savor these 17 acres of green along the river. They bring refreshment and center us as we slow down to play, picnic, observe the creatures, marvel at the late afternoon’s raking light and admire the colors of the sunset. 

Thank you for your part in making Phase II-1 happen.

To a healthier and happier new year!  And in celebration of green spaces everywhere! How we need them. Magazine Beach Partners

See our annual report here: 2020 MBP Annual Report.

Watch the “Great Conjunction” TONIGHT at Magazine Beach!

21 Dec

Tonight, December 21st, about an hour after sunset (sunset at 4:15pm), come watch Jupiter and Saturn align, their closest encounter in nearly 400 years.  The Powder Magazine terrace, along with the parking lot beside the Riverside Boat Club (closer to Pleasant St., on the western edge of the park), are good viewing locations.

While Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits bring the planets in alignment every 20 years or so, this will be the first time since 1623 that the two gaseous giants pass so close to one another.

For more info, see: and (This info and image, too, are from these sites.)

Today is the solstice—the longest night of the year—so, weather permitting, it should be a great night to watch the heavens. If the clouds don’t clear today, though, we’ll have another few nights to observe the planets in proximity. Of course, while they appear close, they are actually hundreds of millions of miles apart. Happy viewing! And happy, happy holidays!

To see the 2020 annual report for Magazine Beach Partners, click here: 2020 MBP Annual Report.

Winter Walks

18 Dec

DCR has plowed the path along Memorial Drive and the pedestrian bridge, too, at the bottom of Magazine St., so take a walk and come play in our snow–lots of it for snowman making and making angels, too!

Please send me photos of YOUR snowmen, snow forts & snow angels and I’ll post them here later this weekend….

To see the 2020 annual report for Magazine Beach Partners, click here: 2020 MBP Annual Report.

Leaves for Play!

24 Nov

Hot off the press! See our 2020 Magazine Beach Partners Annual Report here:

Bring a rake. Make a pile. Jump! The leaves are down.

Little flags are up. Surveyors are marking existing utilities as Eversource considers putting high voltage electric lines from Boston to Cambridge under the park????!!!!! (We’re on the case.)

And, last Wednesday, Meadowscaping for Biodiversity and the Charles River Conservancy were back at the park with Cambridge teens removing litter from the swales, raking leaves and doing tree identifications. (And then they came back to rake the leaves off the pedestrian footbridge!) Pictured above is MS4B’s Jean Devine, leading the way.

So thankful for Magazine Beach and to our many partners, including DCR, the City, the CRC, MS4B, the Riverside Boat Club and YOU. Because of our collective work, the park looks better than ever! Enjoy this urban common along the Charles.

Winter Wonderland

30 Oct

It’s a lovely winter’s day (in October!) at Magazine Beach. Talk a walk…

The I-90 viaduct just across the river. Let’s get rid of it!

But also send a quick email. TODAY is last day to send comments about the rebuilding of the I-90 viaduct, the noisy elevated highway just across the river from the park. Magazine Beach Partners and the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, and so many others, are all advocating for the at-grade alternative for I-90—NOT rebuilding this eyesore. For more information, see:   Email:

We are so grateful to the Charles River Conservancy for their socially distanced cleanup of the park last Saturday. Among their finds were:

Cigarette butts- 787, Plastic pieces – 673, Food packaging – 402, Bottle caps – 353, Straws/stirrers – 147, Paper (bags, sheet, napkins, etc.) – 458, Foam pieces – 114, Glass pieces – 112. Total number of items removed – 4,278

We share our condolences with the Riverside Boat Club, whose beloved Simmons College rowing coach, Nikolay Kurmakov, died a few weeks ago. Last Saturday, Riverside’s rowers gathered to honor his passing and to christen the Kurmakov Bay in his honor. 

Thank Goodness, the CRC is Watering Our Trees

6 Oct

Thank you, Charles River Conservancy, for watering our young new trees at the park. With the drought, they wouldn’t have survived without you.

And thanks in advance for your Saturday, October 24 Magazine Beach Cleanup from 9-11am. Contact Sasha to sign up for a small group, socially distanced morning in the park at

Be sure to take a stroll at the park. The leaves are just beginning to turn and its is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

And we just have two more FREE Thursday evening yogas at the park–October 8 & 15. See you at 5:15pm in front of the Powder Magazine. Bring your mask and your matt! To savoring every minute of these last warmish days. Paradise: it’s just down the street.

Great News: Another $150k for Magazine Beach!

21 Sep
The City’s latest gift will help to fund the transformation of this derelict parking lot into a useable grassy beach.

UPDATE: FREE Yoga at the park this Thursday will be at 5:15pm (NOT 6pm). We’d forgotten how early it gets dark in the fall. We’re learning….

Last Monday the City Council voted to support Community Preservation Act (CPA) appropriation recommendations, including $150k towards the next phase of work for Magazine Beach Park—removing the sunken parking lot between the pool and the river.

Magazine Beach Partners is thrilled about this and that the City of Cambridge will plant some trees at the park (as per DCR’s instructions and Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge’s landscape plan) in late October or early November. Go, Cambridge!

FREE Yoga Thursday Nights, Starting NEXT Thursday…

2 Sep

Note: New Time: 5:15-6:15pm! We’re learning… It’s getting darker earlier.

FREE THURSDAY EVENING YOGA with Carol Faulkner–Thursdays, Sept. 10-Oct. 15, 5:15-6:15pm–NEW TIME!!!!! Bring your own yoga matt! Participants must wear masks and stand a minimum of 6 feet apart. Maximum: 50 participants. If raining, cancelled.