Fall Cleanup in Prep for 11.23 PM Ribbon Cutting

14 Nov
The kids said that picking up trash was as exciting as Halloween trick-or-treating. So satisfying! Thanks to Rep. Connolly for all of his help.

Many thanks to the 20 volunteers who picked up trash, gathered sticks, raked leaves off the pedestrian footbridge, and dug up some of the bulbs that will be lost during bathhouse renovations. All of this was to get the park looking fabulous for the big DCR/Mass Audubon Ribbon Cutting at the Powder Magazine Tuesday, November 23 at 1pm! Please join us.

Yes, it’s happening. After years of our advocating for the Magazine to become a nature/community/arts center (with a food concession or food offerings, too), based on community input, DCR has granted Mass Audubon a 5-year lease.

Mass Audubon will be bringing a variety of environmental education programming to the Powder Magazine, including drop-in nature activities, guided bird and nature walks, occasional kayak river eco tours, and live animal demonstrations. They will also be working with local partners like Flagg Street Studio and others to bring arts, cultural, and science events to the park on evenings and weekends. We are excited about all the fresh ideas and new energy at the park. Seasonal operations will begin in April 2022, so look for a full schedule then. See Mass Audubon’s 3-minute video about this here.

So, see you the 23rd at 1pm and enjoy the park in the meantime. Thanks to those who turned out today, it looks spectacular!

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