31 Oct

Saturday Mass Audubon brought Halloween to the Powder Magazine, complete with pumpkins, spiders, an owl, live crow and corn snake and animal-costumed staff. The Charles River Conservancy brought art activities and Flagg Street Studios, an envisioning exercise and yummy cookies and cider, courtesy of Flour. Magazine Beach Partners brought history, of course.

About 120 came and went on a rainy day, including a giraffe ballerina, a bird and a dragon. It was Mass Audubon’s first event in the Magazine and it felt great–an infusion of new life and energy in this old structure, built in 1818 to store gunpowder.

Rep. Mike Connolly stopped by. With redistricting, he will one day (no one yet knows quite when) represent Cambridgeport. May he be as successful and committed an advocate for the park as Rep. Jay Livingstone. So grateful to you for all of your work on behalf of the park, Jay! Welcome, in time, Mike!

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