Leaves for Play!

24 Nov

Hot off the press! See our 2020 Magazine Beach Partners Annual Report here:

Bring a rake. Make a pile. Jump! The leaves are down.

Little flags are up. Surveyors are marking existing utilities as Eversource considers putting high voltage electric lines from Boston to Cambridge under the park????!!!!! (We’re on the case.)

And, last Wednesday, Meadowscaping for Biodiversity and the Charles River Conservancy were back at the park with Cambridge teens removing litter from the swales, raking leaves and doing tree identifications. (And then they came back to rake the leaves off the pedestrian footbridge!) Pictured above is MS4B’s Jean Devine, leading the way.

So thankful for Magazine Beach and to our many partners, including DCR, the City, the CRC, MS4B, the Riverside Boat Club and YOU. Because of our collective work, the park looks better than ever! Enjoy this urban common along the Charles.

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