Winter Wonderland

30 Oct

It’s a lovely winter’s day (in October!) at Magazine Beach. Talk a walk…

The I-90 viaduct just across the river. Let’s get rid of it!

But also send a quick email. TODAY is last day to send comments about the rebuilding of the I-90 viaduct, the noisy elevated highway just across the river from the park. Magazine Beach Partners and the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, and so many others, are all advocating for the at-grade alternative for I-90—NOT rebuilding this eyesore. For more information, see:   Email:

We are so grateful to the Charles River Conservancy for their socially distanced cleanup of the park last Saturday. Among their finds were:

Cigarette butts- 787, Plastic pieces – 673, Food packaging – 402, Bottle caps – 353, Straws/stirrers – 147, Paper (bags, sheet, napkins, etc.) – 458, Foam pieces – 114, Glass pieces – 112. Total number of items removed – 4,278

We share our condolences with the Riverside Boat Club, whose beloved Simmons College rowing coach, Nikolay Kurmakov, died a few weeks ago. Last Saturday, Riverside’s rowers gathered to honor his passing and to christen the Kurmakov Bay in his honor. 

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