Change is Afoot!

13 Apr

Jean Devine and Barbara Passero of Meadowscaping will give us a wildflower garden in May. Paul Kelley of Mass Audubon and his Nature Heroes will help water it.

A lot is going on at the park today… The founders of Meadowscaping for Biodiversity met with representatives of the City, Mass Audubon and me to discuss how best to bring their wildflower garden to the park in early May. Look for 4-year-old asters, bee balm, blazing stars, blue vervain, coneflowers, coreopsis and more beside the eastern swale come May. The goal is to move them into the swale once we conquer the phragmites. In the meantime, black tarps will remain there, discouraging the hardy phragmites from reappearing.


And DCR is putting in the ADA-accessible path to the Powder Magazine. The bathrooms at the Magazine have been framed out and the place is abuzz with electricians and plumbers. The magazine will be fully renovated by early this summer!

For some, however, there is no time nor change, only contemplation…


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