Red-Winged Blackbirds, Come Nest!

8 Apr

This morning sixteen volunteers cut down the hedge where the canoe/kayak launch and outlook will go–just in time. The female red-winged blackbirds are just returning to the park, weeks after their mates, and will soon set up housekeeping. The goal of today’s cleanup was to remove the hedge BEFORE they nested at the site. (These bushes will be dug out, but later.) Never fear, most of the hedge is still up. Look for shorebirds–killdeer, snipes and American woodcocks–coming soon. They are usually here by now, but their migration has been delayed by the bomb cyclones.

Many thanks to Riverside Boat Club, the CRLS Charles River Cleanup Project and to Cambridgeport neighbors for coming out to help today. Thanks are also due to the Charles River Conservancy for loaning us their tools and to the City of Cambridge for hauling the brush away.

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