Needed: More $ for Canoe/Kayak Launch

30 Dec

Needed: More $ for Canoe/Kayak Launch

In January DCR will send the Canoe/Kayak Launch & Outlook out to bid–the first “little” phase of Phase 2 improvements. This will be the first public boat launch on the Cambridge side of the river. It’s at the end of the Cottage Farm Plant parking lot, beside the BU Bridge.

Project Scope: The project includes an expanded and upgraded ADA-accessible kayak and canoe launch, an adjacent river observation deck, and boardwalk structures improving pedestrian circulation through the area.

Funding to date: The City, State, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority and community have all contributed to this, but we remain short. In late December DCR has just pledged to match contributions to Magazine Beach Partners 1:1. Please contribute TODAY! (Remember: Gifts are tax deductible.)

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.31.08 PM

How to donate: Write checks to Magazine Beach Partners, Inc. and mail them to Marge Amster, Treasurer, MBPs, 10 McTernan St., Cambridge, MA 02139 OR contribute on Paypal. (Note: We’re still setting up our MBPs Paypal account.  You can donate to the CNA here and the money will go to MBPs.)

THANK YOU! For a list of our 2017 Accomplishments, please scroll down. Happy New Year from Magazine Beach Partners!



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