What a Year–2017!

21 Dec

IMG_9181 copy

We have moved from planning to implementing Phase II improvements. Hallelujah!

Physical Improvements

*In September DCR opened the new spray deck. Now they are removing the broken wading pool.

*Campbell Construction is under contract to make interior improvements to the Powder Magazine—adding 2 public bathrooms. Look for work to begin soon.

*Landscape designers CSS have prepared bid documents for the canoe/kayak launch and outlook. These will go out in January.

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*Magazine Beach Partners organized almost 40 programs, partnering with 12 groups and drawing almost 1,800 participants.


*The CRWA led a campaign to remove Phragmites from the eastern swale. While remaining rhizomes will certainly sprout in the spring, the battle has begun and the black tarp that covers the swale will discourage growth.

*MBPs has raised funds from the City, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, DCR and the community for the boat launch, outlook and interpretative signs.

*MBPS published fall and winter editions of Nature Notes @ Magazine Beach and Jeanne Strahan continued the wildlife inventory.

*MBPs spun off from the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association to become a separate 501c3.

Thanks to all who have contributed with money or time. None of this would have happened without you!

Please help support further improvements and programs by donating TODAY! Generous anonymous donors have offered a $10k challenge match, so your gift will double. Make checks out to “Magazine Beach Partners, Inc.” and send them to Marge Amster, Treasurer, MBPs, 10 McTernan St., Cambridge, MA 02139 OR contribute on Paypal. (Note: We’re still setting up our MBPs Paypal account.  You can donate to the CNA here and the money will go to MBPs.)






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