Spring is Bursting Out…

5 Apr


Head to the park to see bird’s nests, budding trees and tiny flowers. They’re all there under the snow…

Last week, Jeanne noted: The birds were in full song—not just chirping, several brand new tiny, beautiful birds nests appeared and the following spring birds: goldfinches, ruby-crowned kinglets, an eastern phoebe, a purple martin, blue-grey gnatcatcher, a white breasted nuthatch. Bees buzzed around.

Note: Much wildlife stayed put for the winter. Spotted between December and February:

Birds: Canada geese (flocks of 40 to 100 birds), seagulls, sparrows, cormorant, great crested flycatcher, slate colored junco, downy woodpeckers, golden crowned kinglets, mockingbirds, catbird, blue jays, red-tailed hawks, robins, eastern phoebe, chickadees, scarlet tanager, wood thrush, goldfinches, brown thrashers, cardinals, grackles, black-throated blue warbler, yellow warbler, mallard ducks, common mergansers, northern shovelers, mourning dove, great blue heron, purple finches, house finches, raven, European starling, redwing blackbird, and cedar waxwing.

Other critters: Rabbit, snake, squirrels, voles, crickets, mosquitoes and tiny flies

Jeanne says that she observed most of the winter birds in the swales and the hedge. The thistles and milkweed pods, as well as seeds that had fallen to the ground there, provided a lot of food. She also saw birds around the berry trees along both sides of Memorial Drive, clustered around the footbridge. These berries lasted through the first half of February. Most of the hawks I saw were in the tall trees beside the footbridge, as well.

 Remember, our Annual Earth Day Cleanup is Saturday, April 30, 9-12 noon!


One Response to “Spring is Bursting Out…”

  1. Kate May 11, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    On Sunday last, the 8th of May, I saw what I think was a ruddy turnstone–plus two goldfinches! Spring at last.

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