Cambridge Redevelopment Authority Awards Grant for Canoe/Kayak Launch

13 Apr

Today, the CRA announced that the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Assn. is the recipient of a $10,000 capital grant to help fund an ADA-accessible public canoe/kayak launch at the end of the Cottage Farm Facility at Magazine Beach.

According to the terms of the Forward Fund Grant, this aspect of the Phase II design will be implemented in 2016. Thank you, CRA!

Riverside Boat Club Kicks Off 2016 

On Sunday, the RBC held their annual, fun Crusher Casey inauguration of the 2016 outdoor season. Three mixed (men’s and women’s) crews raced on a cool and blustery spring morning. Check here soon for the date of Riverside’s more serious rowing event, the Cromwell Cup Regatta, coming up in late June or early July.

For more about Crusher Casey and “The Famous Casey’s,” click here. Photos courtesy of Riverside’s Igor Belakovskiy. Thanks to Igor, Amanda Milad and Dick Garver for their help with this post.



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