Cambridge Commits $1.8m to Park Improvements

25 Jun
Rendering of Phase II-2 by landscape architects Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge

The City of Cambridge has committed $1.8m of American Rescue Act (ARPA) funds to remove the last big eyesore at the park—replacing the sunken parking lot between the pool and the river with a grassy beach, and adding a dock and outlook. This $2.2m project (Phase II-2), will happen this winter when the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR), the guardians of the park, redo the pool and its decks. Over two years, DCR is investing $2.7m to update the pool bathhouse and the pool. (The newly restored bathhouse opened for the summer, with the pool, this morning at 11:15am.)

We, Magazine Beach Partners (MBP), the friends group for the park, have been championing Phase II-2 since 2019, and advocating for park improvements since 2010 (until 2017, as the Magazine Beach Committee of the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association; MBP spun off in 2017). 

DCR has shovel ready plans for Phase II-2, partially funded by Cambridge Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. Additional funds for the project will come from $300k CPA funds, a $50k State earmark, and $80k donated by the community! DCR will oversee the project.

Thank you, Cambridge! Thank you, DCR! Thank you, community! YOU have inspired the park’s revitalization. Below, see photos of the park today. How lucky we are to have this green open space refuge! It’s a cool spot on a hot day.

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