The Spray Deck is Open!

22 May

Yes, cool yourself at the park–which is ten degrees cooler than the rest of Cambridge with its shade trees and river breeze. There are even port-o-potties out and a basin to wash your hands. No trash cans still, though, so picnickers, bring bags for trash and carry in and carry out.

It’s particularly cool at the Powder Magazine where Mass Audubon has drop in activities from 10am-4pm today and every Sunday. Also, from 1-4pm, the Plastic Tapestry Project will be at work–with your help–preparing artwork made from hard plastics found at the park and in the community. For more info, click here.

And the park is so clean, thanks to CRLS freshmen and women who did a cleanup this morning. Thank you, CRLS students!

Quidditch, soccer, picnicking, splashing and swinging were all happening at the park this morning and the fish are jumping… It’s herring run time. Hundreds and thousands of little fish are swimming up the river. Watch them from the river’s edge.

One Response to “The Spray Deck is Open!”

  1. Carol O'Hare May 22, 2022 at 1:13 pm #

    Delightful – our ever-improving park! Thanks to all who’ve have invested time, energy, talent & $ and are keeping at it.

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