Mathtalk Opens & Mass Audubon Delights

27 Jul
Measure Everything math walk at Magazine Beach overpass near Morse School, Saturday, July 24, 2021, in Cambridge, Mass. © Copyright 2021 Veasey Conway, All Rights Reserved

Saturday Mathtalk opened on the pedestrian footbridge (at the foot of Magazine St.) to Magazine Beach Park, courtesy of the Charles River Conservancy and MathTalk. Come check out this playful a math trail art installation that teaches young kids about measurement.

And then on Monday night, Mass Audubon returned with Summer Nights, with live animals: a corn snake, Eastern screech owl and turtle and related art activities for all ages. They’ll be back next Monday at 6pm, with a hawk and more fun. And August 9th, they’ll be taking more kids out on the river kayaking. Click here to register to kayak! It’s FREE.

So enjoy the adventure of crossing the pedestrian footbridge as you enter the park and then our programs, your picnics, the spraydeck, swimming pool, soccer fields, boat launch, the sunset,  and so many bunnies. Magazine Beach is just a math trail art installation away!

Update: Great news! Rep. Jay Livingstone and Sen. Joe Boncore got us another $50k earmark for the park. This will be for Phase II-2 improvements to the park—turning the sunken parking lot into a grassy beach. Thank you Jay and Joe!

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