Congregation Eitz Chayim Hosts Tzedakah Sunday School at the Park!

24 May

Update: The spraydeck is OPEN, but will be closed Friday, when DCR adds more shade! The pool will open Saturday, June 26 at 11:15am.

On Sunday, Congregation Eitz Chayim held their end-of-the-year gathering under the big old shade trees at the park. After hearing a short history of the park—learning that the park was once an island surrounded by marshes, that the granite-block building stored gun powder for the local militia and to fight off pirates at sea, and that Magazine Beach was once the most popular river swimming beach on the Charles—the students and their families did a park cleanup and made gifts towards future park improvements: $788 so far!!!  Thank you, Congregation Eitz Chayim, and so happy that you’re enjoying the park.

The students took a quiz about the park history afterwards and got close to 100%. Good listeners… Here are some of their answers to the open-ended question:  “Why are parks important?”

  • Because kids have a lot of fun
  • Because it provides a safe space for humans, animals and more
  • They have a lot of trees
  • To entertain people outside (instead of inside)
  • Because they are useful for people
  • Because it is important to animals and humans
  • They give a place for city kids to enjoy green spaces
  • To support animals and reduce carbon dioxide. They also help create shady areas.

Go, students!

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