Thank You, Neighbors!

14 Mar
Seeing the need, the Walsh, Finley and De Forest families did a cleanup of Magazine Beach Park.

Last week, inspired by the build up of trash at the park and the springlike weather, three local families did a park cleanup–picking up 8 bags of trash and making the park look so much better. Thank you! So many are out enjoying the park and already even picnicking there! Spring is coming…

Trash cans are not out yet, so remember to bring bags to carry trash out. Also, feel free to add sticks to the stick piles that we’ve started along roads and pathways: near the exercise station at the Cottage Farm parking lot, the pedestrian footbridge, the parking crescent and between the pool and Riverside Boat Club. Windy days bring down sticks and branches!

Other quick park updates:

*RFIs (Requests for Proposals) for the Powder Magazine were due last Tuesday, 3.9. DCR is hoping to have a tenant in it this summer. More on the RFI proposals soon.

*We’ve reported all the broken goose fencing–fencing to keep the geese from eating the newly planted plants–to DCR. We’re hoping that they’ll fix it soon or take the fences down.

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