Snow Magic

10 Feb

See the best snow forts I’ve ever seen near the exercise area, beside the BU rotary. Lots of snow at the park for cross country skiing and snow angels, and there’s so much beauty. For full disclosure, the snow doesn’t seem great for snowballs or snowmen yet–it’s still a little too powdery–but once it warms up a bit, come on down. Wear your boots. Only the paths along Memorial Drive are cleared. (DCR has also plowed the pedestrian footbridge at the foot of Magazine Street.)

One Response to “Snow Magic”

  1. Corinna Hall February 10, 2021 at 3:13 pm #

    Those snow forts were created by a homeschool co-op that runs in the area. The kids that did most of the building range from age 10-14 :-). We had great fun building them, and are so glad they are appreciated!

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