The Pool is OPEN!!!!!!!

27 Jun


Update: The pool is still mostly empty and the spray deck is getting light use, so come down to Magazine Beach to get wet. The park will be open for July 4th. DCR has installed a big trash dumpster, just for the weekend, so enjoy. Please wear masks, socially distance and have fun! The fence along the shoreline is still up, but coming down soon, I’m told…

Yes, the pool is open and mostly empty, so head down to the park. It will be open daily, 11:15am-6:45pm, through August IF covid-19 allows and bathers are safe. Please bring your masks to wear in the bathhouse. If the pool becomes crowded, there will be controlled access. No swimming lessons this year.

Thanks to longtime pool director Justin Byron, asst. director Julian, and all of their staff! And thanks to all those folks at DCR who made this happen from behind the scenes…..


Julian and Justin, left to right, pool managers


One Response to “The Pool is OPEN!!!!!!!”

  1. bobbiehalliday June 30, 2020 at 8:00 pm #

    This is amazing! Thank you, everyone!

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