Charles River Floating Wetland Launches at Magazine Beach

22 Jun

Update: Sounds like the pool will open this weekend and will be open daily, 11:15am-6:45pm, all summer–if we can keep the virus under control and bathers safe. Expect limited and controlled access. More about this soon. The spray deck is open!


Today and tomorrow the Charles River Conservancy will assemble and launch a floating wetland from behind the swimming pool. Look for the assembly of the 20-piece wetland substructure, and 15 types of vegetation, including grasses, milkweed and other flowering plants.

On Tuesday they hope to tow the wetland to its final location—near the Broad Canal, just east of the Longfellow Bridge.

This two-year study project, to see how a wetland can inhibit cyanobacteria blooms in the river, was inspired by the CRC’s Charles River Swimming Initiative. While the river is swimmable much of the time now, occasional cyanobacteria algae blooms make swimming unsafe. In theory, the roots of the floating wetland will provide habitat for zooplankton which will eat the cyanobacteria. Northeastern Civil and Environmental Engineering Phd student Max Rome will monitor the project.

If you’re at the park, please observe from a distance. Look for the wetland down river later in the week.


Update: The exercise area has been reopened! DCR just did a mow and the park is almost ready for summer. 


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