More Money for Shoreline Work & Biogen & CRLS Volunteers Make a Difference

20 Sep

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 3.52.52 PM

City Council Votes Another $155k of CPA Funds for Park & DCR will Match This

Thrilling news: Monday night City Council voted to accept the CPA Committee’s recommendations to invest another $155k+ into shoreline improvements and DCR will match this! After the canoe/kayak launch is completed this fall, look for activity from the launch (at the east end of the park) to the Powder Magazine (at its center): an improved river path, invasive plant removal, and new native plants, views, and seating.

Biogen and Charles River Cleanup Project Volunteers Pitch In

Last Friday 40 Biogen volunteers dug out phragmites and cut off ragweed seed heads in the eastern swale, weeded around the Powder Magazine, and picked up trash and branches. This was part of Biogen Cares Deeply Day, when over 800 Biogen employees engaged in service around the Boston area. Thanks for making Magazine Beach a more inviting destination, Biogen!

And this Sunday, Cambridge Rindge & Latin high school students helped us prepare the Powder Magazine and park for the Benefit. They set up the canopies, lights, tables, chairs, balloons and decorations, and weeded, picked up trash, and moved mulch. Thanks for making the Powder Magazine magical! The Charles River Cleanup Project engages in cleanups along the river; they are stewards of the watershed.



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