Thank You, Volunteers!

21 May

Thank you, Novartis, BU Academy and Salesforce, for your recent cleanups at Magazine Beach. May 10, over 100 Novartis employees painted park benches, picnic tables and fences, removed invasives plants, and picked up trash. May 16 BU Academy got dirty digging up those pesky phragmite rhizomes. And today, Salesforce are on site in the eastern swale once more.

We’re grateful to the Charles River Conservancy and Charles River Watershed Association for organizing these events. DCR counts on volunteers to help maintain the park. Thanks also to neighbors who have been watering the willow and to the Nature Heroes, who will be watering the new wildflower meadow weekly.


Look closely. To the left, a heron stands in the wetlands just to the east of the boat launch.


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