A New Willow, A New Wildflower Meadow…

4 May

Turner Construction planted the new willow, among MANY park projects.

Among the many things that 145 volunteers from Turner Construction did at the park today was to plant a new weeping willow—along the river, near the old one—that one day, will be 50’ tall! They also raked away leaves and the countless broken twigs at the park, cut down the invasive ailanthus trees in the western swale and cleared out the dead vegetation and helped to plant a new wildflower meadow. And they gave us 2 new picnic tables. THANK YOU!

Take a walk at the park. It looks amazing. Also, please help water the new willow. By early next week there will be a bucket beside it that you can fill with river water. Willows need water!


Students from City on a Hill helped plant the wildflowers, working with the CRC and M4BD.

Also today, students from the City on the Hill School in Dorchester, along with the Charles River Conservancy (CRC) and Meadowmaking for Biodiversity M4BD), planted a wildflower garden beside the eastern swale.

Barbara Passero and Jean Devine have lovingly cultivated these plants and are now spreading them to several sites. We are lucky enough to be one of them. Barbara and Jean will be leading a Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program focusing on environmental entrepreneurship. They will be using Magazine Beach to help strengthen students’ understanding of ecosystems in the city. For more about their work, see: www.meadowmaking.org.


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Many thanks are also due to the CRWA for coming to straighten out the tarp on the swales today, to the City of Cambridge for loaning us rakes and shovels, and to Mahoney’s, who gave us a break on the willow.


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