10 Sep

35 volunteers participated in a statewide coastal cleanup this morning–of course, at Magazine Beach. The idea was to both cleanup and record our finds. Here’s what we discovered:

*The bulk of our trash was empty liquor bottles and cans.

*There were countless bits of little trash: cigarette butts, bottle caps, straw wrappers, straws & coffee stirrers; really little tiny trash: foam, glass and plastic pieces; and many food wrappers.

*Our strangest finds: one Nike running shoe, an air conditioner, an office chair and a recycling bin.

Many thanks to the Harvard Kennedy School students and all others who pitched in. The park looks much better for it! Thanks also to the Charles River Conservancy, who coordinated our event.


If you haven’t already, remember to sign up for our BENEFIT PARTY for Magazine Beach. It’s this coming Sat., Sept. 17, 6-8pm, at the Riverside Boat Club.Click here for details. The park isn’t going to become nicer, without you! Donations are tax deductible. Since we’re all volunteers, our overhead is low. Almost every dollar will go to much needed physical park improvements.



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