Powder Magazine is Almost Complete

9 Sep

The windows and doors are in and electricity is being installed. DCR hopes to have the interior designed by June 2017 and to have it completed in FY2018. If all goes as planned (pending funding), the Powder Magazine will be ready for a tenant just as park renovations are complete. 

Purchase tickets now for our 9.17 fundraiser and help to move the project forward. We need this green open space along the river. And what a gorgeous structure with its 4′ wide granite walls!

Also, remember:

Sat., Sept. 10,  9am-12noon. COASTAL SWEEP at Magazine Beach. We’ll be picking up trash and recording what we find. Meet us at the parking crescent beside the pedestrian bridge at the foot of Magazine Street.

Sat., Sept. 17, 6-8pm. BENEFIT PARTY for Magazine Beach. Click here for details.

Fri., Sept. 30, 1-4pm. INVASIVE REMOVAL, round #1, at the park. Let’s get rid of the phragmites! Click here to sign up.

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