Look Closely

5 Dec

Among the milk weed and thistles is a tiny bird’s nest I have long been curious about. It is December so the weeds and tall grasses have died back enough that I can now walk among them, and see it up close.  About three inches across, it is shaped like the bulb of a small wine glass and sits in the fork of a small shrub. I pull the branch toward me and see that it is made from small, very fine grasses woven tightly and evenly. Inside, very small leaves form a cradle.  The goldfinch that likely made this is truly a master craftsperson…oops…bird.

I have been walking Magazine Beach nearly every day for years and have experiences of its marvels all the time. As the planning for the second phase of the beach proceeds, we need to remember that MB is the wetland home to many birds and other critters whose presence enriches those who make the time to look. I expressed my concern to Cathie Zusy that some of the larger birds that have been living at MB were not in residence this summer. At her suggestion, I am now compiling an inventory of birds and animals sighted at MB.  If you see interesting wildlife down there, please email me at manduhai1@verizon.net OR note the name of the creature, and the date and time of your sighting on the new whiteboard on the Magazine door.


2 Responses to “Look Closely”

  1. Laurie Sheffield December 5, 2015 at 9:18 pm #

    The whiteboard and keeping an inventory are a great idea — I will try it! I have seen some interesting nature on Magazine Beach and nearby.

  2. John Manning December 6, 2015 at 8:50 am #

    Dick….Thankyou foryour devotion…I’m here in N Falmouth..have’nt been toNB since I was very young w/my grandmother…always wanted to return..lovethis site…mybird inventory includes yellow goldfinch,an occasional hummungbird,purple finches, redwing blackbirds, cedarwaxwings, shorebirds, kinfishers, allsortsodducks,swans,geese, cattle herons, great blue herons..and a few more…don’tknowifanyofthese varieties show up at MB, butkeepupthe great work..Grampamanning@yahoo.com

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