CSS Will Present Preliminary Plan for Magazine Beach Wednesday Night

29 Sep

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.59.43 PM

CSS Will Present Preliminary Plan for Magazine Beach THIS Wednesday Night, September 30th, 6:30-8pm, at the Cambridge Citywide Senior Center (806 Massachusetts Avenue)

Note: This is a PRELIMINARY PLAN that incorporates YOUR initial feedback (from surveys, interviews and exhibition tags) and discussion with the Magazine Beach Committee and the City of Cambridge. The plan will develop and mature over the next months. The focus now is on the “bones” for the park, its overall design, rather than the location of the picnic tables and benches, grills, water feature and climbing elements. That will follow. There will be public bathrooms in the powder magazine and at the swimming pool bathhouse.

A few explanations:

*We believe that less is more and this plan reflects that. The goal is to leave Magazine Beach Park open and NOT add a lot of infrastructure.

*In red are the paths, parking areas and entrances to the park. The proposed path from the pedestrian footbridge to the “beach” will not be a boardwalk, though it sort of looks like one on the plan.

*One of the big changes will be to broaden and alter the magazine terrace, so that it becomes a stepped terrace, opening up access to the “beach” (changing its current appearance as a fortress.)

*Another big change will be changing the grade of the land from the swimming pool to the river, so that the pool is no longer estranged from the landscape. The stars denote (removable) “beach” umbrellas.

Please come to the meeting on Wednesday night with an open mind. After the presentation—which will provide greater clarity—we will welcome your constructive criticism. The goal is to create a park that works and that we will all enjoy!

See you Wednesday at the Senior Center, 6:30-8pm!


Also, before you forget, BUY YOUR TICKETS for our BENEFIT PARTY THIS Sunday, Oct. 4, 5-7pm, at the Riverside Boat Club (on Memorial Drive, just across from Starbucks, at Magazine Beach).

Great bluegrass, delicious food and drink, historic charm, river views and amazing door prizes (from Micro Center, Massage Envy, Harpoon Brewery, Starbucks, Havanna Club and MetaMovements)! Meet landscape architect Deneen Crosby, DCR’s Director of Partnerships Tom Reece and a world champion RBC rower! Also, support a great cause by making a tax-deductible contribution. Tickets: $40pp. Click on Events for ticket info.

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