Music, Poetry, Bicycles & a Gorgeous Evening…

1 Aug
Session Americana, just back from Europe...

Session Americana, just back from Europe…

We couldn’t have had a lovelier evening at the park last night. Cyclists, pedestrians, MBTA users, among others, savored the cool river breeze as Dinty Childs and friends—Session American—serenaded us. Cambridge poets shared visions of crowded underground trains and spinning wheels whizzing by trees*; and Susan Israel, her Rising Tides, reminding us of the accumulated effect of carbon emissions.

Iggy’s and Trader Joe’s provided bread, cheese, jams and lemonade for the occasion; and colleagues from the Charles River Conservancy, MBTA, 350MA, Femmes Mechanics, GeoOrbital Wheel, Green Streets Initiative, and the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association shared their work. Photos above and below courtesy of 500 ASA Photography.

Big news announced, too: Thanks to the efforts of Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Rep. Jay Livingstone, the State has allocated another $150k towards the stabilization of the Powder Magazine! More about this soon!

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Thanks to Sanofi, Forest City, MIT and the Charles River Conservancy for sponsoring our 2015 summer programs and to Green Streets Initiative for partnering with us on the Walk/Ride Day Celebration!

Remember: Tai Chi this morning (Saturday) at 9:30am! And, this coming week there will be not 1 but 2 outstanding children’s theater productions at the park. Click on Events for details. Note: The Yellow Bird Chase— Thursday at 11am—was just added to the program! Don’t miss it!

*Read poems at:!

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