There’s a Cool Breeze Along the River….

31 Jul

Come cool off along the river today, Friday night, 5-7:30pm, for our Walk/Ride Day Celebration. Magazine Beach is the place to be. Bring your swimsuit and a picnic and listen to Dinty Child (just back from touring Europe with Session Americana) and friends; hear Cambridge poets recite their commuter-inspired poetry; watch videos of green commuting; experience Susan Israel’s Rising Tides; and meet folks from various sustainable living and nature-related organizations: the Charles River Conservancy, MBTA, the City of Cambridge, Green Streets Initiative and the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association—the event’s co-sponsors. For more information, click on Events.

Cambridge Youth Share Ideas for the Park

Thursday afternoon six Mayor’s Program students focusing on “Our Riverside” at the Cambridge Community Center studied the site and then made suggestions for it:

*More benches and picnic tables, in shade!
*Picnic tables should be closer together or there should be groups of tables together.
*Mobile picnic tables and chairs?
*Add public bathrooms, not port-o-potties!
*Put a plaque on the building telling about its history.
*Play area should be closer to pool for parent supervision.
*Pool should have a place to put stuff.
*Fix the soccer field.
*Evening performances.
*Closer water fountains.
*Add trashcans.
*Invite community centers to use the park.
*Don’t make the park overcrowded.
*Invite taco and ice cream trucks to come! Not healthy food….
*No corporations. Just small businesses in the powder magazine.
*Don’t take away from nature.
*The park is very out of the way. It needs big events to attract people.
*Add Wifi (available in parks in Montreal).
*Create community gardens.
What they liked about the park
*The shade from the trees. More trees and more trees to climb!
*Lots of wind.
What they didn’t like
* The broken wading pool. It’s ugly and takes away from nature.

Also, thanks to Team Green Sense for doing a cleanup of the park last Tuesday. Their ideas for the powder magazine: turn it into a nature center OR make have all different types of sporting equipment available there to rent for park use.

With the help of the Mayor’s Program kids, Magazine Beach is and will be will only getting nicer!

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