Magazine Beach Exhibit Opens at City Hall, Mon., May 11

10 May

Magazine Beach–A Place Apart opens at City Hall this Monday, May 11. If you missed out on the exhibit at Cambridge Arts, you’ve got another chance to catch the show. It will be up for four weeks, until June 4, so see it while you can!

See how the Olmsteds transformed an island surrounded by marshes into a favorite river swimming beach at the turn of the 19th century. And learn about how the powder magazine–built to store gun powder, safely, far from settlement–became a bathhouse and MDC utility shed as needs and desires changed.

A hospital, stadium, Army lab and highway have all been proposed for this 15-acre site. Why is it that some plans are adopted and others are not? This question is particularly pertinent as we update and complete landscape plans for the park–this year. The exhibit organizers, the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Assn. and Cambridge Arts, invite you to share your ideas and memories of the park as part of the show.

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