Magazine Beach is Ready for Action

26 Apr

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Thanks to yesterday’s spring cleanup, Magazine Beach is looking great. About 25 turned out in the cold yesterday to gather broken glass, bottle caps, candy wrappers, bottles, cans, towels, and even the seat of a boat.

We are so grateful to our regulars: McGill University alumnus, residents of Hale House in Hyde Park, and neighbors including Olivia and Preston Fiske, Melissa Smith and Susan Schlossberg. Thanks are also due to all the newcomers who joined us, including Till, Inc., from Lowell, MA. Thanks to the CRWA and the CRC for organizing this annual Earth Day event.

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There’s lots of activity at the park now that spring has sprung. Magazine Beach FC has pick-up soccer games going on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check the Meetup site for times.  And Central Cambridge Youth Baseball League starts playing at the park this week. Also sited: a rabbit hopping across a field, and baseball players, runners, dog walkers, rowers, spectators and folks just hanging out along the river!

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