Riverside’s Opening Race is this Sunday, April 19th

16 Apr

The Crusher Casey Regatta, Riverside’s opening day race to celebrate the start of the rowing season, will be held this Sunday, April 19th beginning at 9:45 am. The race, named after named after world champion wrestler and Riverside oarsman Steve “Crusher” Casey,  will be a “stake turn race” where crews race from Riverside up to Newell Boathouse (upstream of the Anderson Bridge), row around a buoy and race back to Riverside. The first crews racing will be mixed 8’s comprised of men and women, and following the 8’s will be a singles race where single sculls race the same course.

The race can be watched from the River Street, Western Ave, Weeks or Anderson Bridges (especially fun to watch from Anderson, as you will see the stake turn!). Here’s to a great rowing season!

Amanda Milad, Riverside Boat Club

Photos from last year’s event (above) and this year’s event (below) courtesy of Igor Belakovskiy.

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