2014 Head of the Charles–the Magazine Beach Perspective

21 Oct

Lots of wins from Riverside Boat Club this past weekend:


Men’s Grandmaster 4+ – Reeves Nelson, John Saxelby, Andy O’Brien, John Yasaitis, Ernest Cook

This crew carved 20 seconds off the record for this event.

Men’s Senior Master Single – Jim McGaffigan

Men’s Master Single – Mike Farry

Men’s Youth 2x – Jordi Cabanas, Aviv Preminger


Women’s Master Single – Alex Bailey


Women’s Club 8+ – Eliza van Lennep, Beatrice Sims, Juliet Hollingsworth, Andrea Pauli, Lisa Russell, Senta Knuth, Justine Seraganian, Angelique Hrycko, Emma Kaufman

Women’s Master Single – Liane Keister

Women’s Lightweight Single – Lauren Ayers

Way to go, Riverside! Thanks to Dick Garver and Amanda Milad for the updates. To relive the event from Magazine Beach, watch this video by Werner Grundl of Videosphere. It really captures the excitement of the event and the athletic prowess of the competitors–many from our own Riverside.

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