A New Memorial in the Park

2 Jul


The Greene, Dedmon and Gomes families have placed a new memorial to their lost loved ones in the cherry tree next to the Powder Magazine.

The Greene, Dedmon and Gomes family has been gathering in the park for over seventy years. Each summer they gather there to picnic, swim, barbecue and celebrate birthdays, memorials, holidays and regattas. According to Rae Dedmon, a family friend calls them “the river people.”

Why Magazine Beach?, I asked Rae.

“Because of the breeze, the river, the sun, the shade, the grass, the pool, the boats, the peace, the sunset….”

What should we fix first at the park?

“The wading pool, and then the picnic tables and benches. We need more trashcans and grills, too. “


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