It’s October and the Head of the Charles. Head to the River!

19 Oct

From Amanda Milad of Riverside Boat Club:

Riverside has 44 entries this weekend–ranging from single sculls to eights. Cambridgeport is an integral part of the regatta. The race starts at the BU boathouse and Magazine Beach serves as the launch site for the singles and doubles. Everyone is excited for a great weekend of racing!

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Riverside won three gold medals, three silver and five bronze. This means that RBC had the second most top three finishes of any club and tied for third for the most golds. Way to go, Riverside!
Golds went to:
*Tina Vandersteel (Cambridgeport resident) in the Women’s Senior Master Singles
*Pete Morelli in the Men’s Master Singles
*Kevin McDonnell and Rob White in the Men’s Master Doubles

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