Springtime, and the Livin’ is Easy, Herring are Jumpin’…, Novartis Cleanup & More

19 May

2013-05-19 09.16.10

Take a walk to the shores of Magazine Beach. The river herring are jumping and swimming upstream to spawn—a sign of both spring and of a cleaner, healthier Charles River. In 2011, the Charles River Watershed Association won the International Riverprize for their cleanup of the Charles. See: http://crwa.org/releases/2011/riverprize.html

Regarding the herring run: “Each spring, millions of river herring migrate into Massachusetts’ coastal water to begin their natural trek up dozens of our coastal streams and rivers. They are returning to the place of their birth, to spawn and create a new generation of river herring.” From A Guide to Viewing River Herring in Coastal Massachusetts:


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Thanks for your Cleanup, Novartis!

On May 10th , 70 employees from Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research volunteered at Magazine Beach.  They raked leaves, picked up sticks, collected trash, and mulched and weeded the garden in front of the pool. This is the 2nd year Novartis has done a major cleanup at the site. Fabulous.

Thanks are also due to the Charles River Conservancy for organizing the event and to DCR for the mulch and trash and compost removal.

More Good News: Grant #3 from the NEGEF!

We just learned that we received another grant from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund. Thank you, NEGEF, for your support and mentoring!

SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, June 15, 12-5pm, for our 2013 Celebration of Magazine Beach

This year’s event will feature a picnic, a procession of children (as butterflies and birds), music, art, performance, learn-to-row lessons, too! More about this soon.

Even More News…

Magazine Beach Booth at the 5.18 Central Square World's Fair

Magazine Beach Booth at the 5.18 Central Square World’s Fair

A good citizen picks up trash and deposits it in one of the NEWLY PLACED trash cans in the park.

A model citizen picks up trash and deposits it in one of the NEWLY PLACED trash cans in the park.

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