DCR Update: The Recent History of Magazine Beach and the Long View

13 Nov

Many thanks to DCR’s Magazine Beach Project Manager Rick Corsi for updating where we are with park improvements.   Click on DCR Updates on the upper right for this document.

Future improvements to Magazine Beach will happen in four phases.

1) Stabilizing the roof of the powder magazine–work slated for 2013. (Needed: $100,000).

2) Finding an “historic curator” for the powder magazine and adapting the building to a new use.

3) Finalizing the 90% compete landscape plans for Magazine Beach developed by Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge. The powder magazine is not part of the design, so the plan needs revision. DCR will reopen the public process as we finalize the design, so there will be additional opportunity for public comment. Click on DCR Updates on the upper right to see the current designs. (Estimated cost: $50,000.)

4) Finally, embracing a design for Magazine Beach and implementing it.(Estimated cost to implement current design: $2,150,000.)

Please contact me, Cathie Zusy, at cathzusy@gmail.com if you can contribute in the short- or long-term to this significant project. The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is currently raising funds to stabilize and re-slate the powder magazine roof.

[Note: While the CNA has supported powder magazine and pool improvements and organized cleanups, it has not yet taken a formal stand on the current CSS designs.]

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