A Day in the Life of Magazine Beach: August 4, 2012

5 Aug

Eighteen-twenty turned out on a very hot and muggy Saturday morning to weed and cleanup around the powder magazine, terrace and toddler pool. Eight of these were alumni from Marquette University and two were Tufts alumni. Others came from Cambridge, Somerville and Boston. Thank you to organizer Danielle Stehlik of the Charles River Conservancy, to Cindy Larson from the Riverside Boat Club, and to all participants. The park needed your help.

Spectacular Tour about Magazine Beach. Another Next Saturday

Marilyn Wellons and Nina Cohen led a tour of the site as part of Cambridge Discovery Days. They will lead another FREE tour next Saturday, August 11th at 10:30am. Meet at the powder magazine.

This gentleman seemed as pleased as punch with his pipe, laptop, a beautiful summer morning and shady spot. All that was lacking was the rest of the picnic table… Coming soon, we hope!

Over twenty-two years, these men have been mining for treasure where bathers once swam at Magazine Beach. They reported finding coins and jewelry, but not a diamond yet.

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