Magazine Beach, Cambridge–Your Ideas Please!

16 Mar

We’re rethinking Magazine Beach and we need your ideas. Since the City of Cambridge purchased the area between the BU bridge and Riverside Boat Club in 1890s, the people of Cambridge have seen the park as a fabulous opportunity: 15 acres of open-space along the Charles River. Today it is only second in size to Danehy Park.

Working with residents and local businesses, we now hope to improve Magazine Beach. Please share your ideas by responding to this survey. Answers please by April 30th! (New deadline!)
Cathie Zusy, Board Member, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association
Conrad Crawford, Director of Partnerships, Department of Conservation & Recreation

One Response to “Magazine Beach, Cambridge–Your Ideas Please!”

  1. Joan Squeri March 22, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    Thanks for working to make Magazine Beach the best it can be — and thanks for asking for thoughtful input this way!

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