Imagining Magazine Beach: 3rd Graders’ Dreams for Their Local Park

14 Dec

Over the past months, third grade art students at the Morse School in Cambridge have visited Magazine Beach, studied how designers represent park designs, and crafted colorful depictions of this currently derelict green space.

Aimee Kerr’s students have imagined community gardens, flowerbeds, skate parks, dog parks, tree houses, basketball and tennis courts, helicopter rides, a real beach with water slides, and lots of activity in and on the water: boating, swimming and fishing, too.

Many students have converted the 1818 Powder House into a café—one drawing pictures an All You Can Eat Café—serving all flavors of ice cream and hot chocolate, too. And they’ve added curving paths to the landscape and an outdoor movie theater behind the current pool.

Come see and admire these drawings, on view at Central Square’s at Bank of America, Cambridge Savings Bank and Toscanini’s, December 13-January 2, and help us to imagine a new, revitalized Magazine Beach. To share your own brilliant ideas for Cambridge’s second largest park, fill out this survey.

Thank you to Aimee Kerr and her amazing students for providing the artwork and to our local bankers and Tocanini’s for exhibiting it. This exhibit is organized by the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, which is partnering with the Department of Recreation and Conservation, Charles River Conservancy, and Riverside Boat Club to make Magazine Beach a place we want to go!

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