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The fence is down!

2 Jul


At long last, DCR has removed the fence today. Enjoy the shoreline path and Powder Magazine patio and terraces. They look spectacular. But please tread lightly on the new grass.

You’ll see that some new plants are fenced off from the geese who ate many of the initial batch of plantings.

July 4th picnickers, bring trash bags. DCR has provided a dumpster, but not trashcans. The pool and spray deck will be open. If crowds come, there will be regulated pool access to keep bathers safe.

Have fun and enjoy this green oasis in the City. Stay cool and be well.




The Pool is OPEN!!!!!!!

27 Jun


Update: The pool is still mostly empty and the spray deck is getting light use, so come down to Magazine Beach to get wet. The park will be open for July 4th. DCR has installed a big trash dumpster, just for the weekend, so enjoy. Please wear masks, socially distance and have fun! The fence along the shoreline is still up, but coming down soon, I’m told…

Yes, the pool is open and mostly empty, so head down to the park. It will be open daily, 11:15am-6:45pm, through August IF covid-19 allows and bathers are safe. Please bring your masks to wear in the bathhouse. If the pool becomes crowded, there will be controlled access. No swimming lessons this year.

Thanks to longtime pool director Justin Byron, asst. director Julian, and all of their staff! And thanks to all those folks at DCR who made this happen from behind the scenes…..


Julian and Justin, left to right, pool managers


Charles River Floating Wetland Launches at Magazine Beach

22 Jun

Update: Sounds like the pool will open this weekend and will be open daily, 11:15am-6:45pm, all summer–if we can keep the virus under control and bathers safe. Expect limited and controlled access. More about this soon. The spray deck is open!


Today and tomorrow the Charles River Conservancy will assemble and launch a floating wetland from behind the swimming pool. Look for the assembly of the 20-piece wetland substructure, and 15 types of vegetation, including grasses, milkweed and other flowering plants.

On Tuesday they hope to tow the wetland to its final location—near the Broad Canal, just east of the Longfellow Bridge.

This two-year study project, to see how a wetland can inhibit cyanobacteria blooms in the river, was inspired by the CRC’s Charles River Swimming Initiative. While the river is swimmable much of the time now, occasional cyanobacteria algae blooms make swimming unsafe. In theory, the roots of the floating wetland will provide habitat for zooplankton which will eat the cyanobacteria. Northeastern Civil and Environmental Engineering Phd student Max Rome will monitor the project.

If you’re at the park, please observe from a distance. Look for the wetland down river later in the week.


Update: The exercise area has been reopened! DCR just did a mow and the park is almost ready for summer. 


The Spray Deck is OPEN

16 Jun

IMG_6814News flash: The spray deck is open! And now it sounds like the pool will open this weekend, though in a controlled way to keep bathers safe. More on this soon. We’re still waiting for word from DCR re when the fence will come down. Thankfully, the new grass is growing…

IMG_1417Many are enjoying this spectacular week at the park, gathering in small groups to relax and be together in nature. Remember, if you’re picnicking at the park, to bring a bag for trash. It’s carry in and carry out. Also, no port-o-potties or lawn chairs at the park this summer, due to the virus. So plan ahead…

Problems at the park? Take a photo and send it, noting Magazine Beach, to ​  Please cc

Magazine Beach Updates—Just Heard from DCR…

29 May

It sounds like:
*DCR awaits the Governor to make a decision about pool and spraydeck openings statewide—but it seems unlikely.
*The fence will be up for a few more weeks to allow the new grass to grow. Next week DCR may reseed and water.
*Contractors R. Bates & Sons will replant many of the shoreline plants this fall and the old willow trunk will eventually be removed.

Magazine Beach Partners won’t organize programs for the park this summer. As per the Governor, gatherings there should be keep to 10 people or less.  But we encourage you to come to the park where there’s a cool river breeze, old shade trees, wide open spaces and, the river, of course. And don’t forget the boat launch. This is a great time to take your canoe or kayak out on the river.

There are no trash cans east of the playing fields, so be sure to carry in and carry out. More as we hear more from DCR.

Problems at the park? Take a photo and send it, noting Magazine Beach, to ​  Please cc

Quiet & Fun Along the River

26 May

IMG_1220Memorial Day was quiet at the park–only small groups. Folks respectfully social distanced. Geese and lots of goslings gathered, too–the little ones are getting bigger each day.

But today there were fort builders, kayakers, picnickers, and other just drawn to twilight on the river. It’s going to be hot this week and the park, with its cool breeze, is a great place to retreat. Take a walk to the river…

Also, step by the water’s edge to watch the herring run–so many fish swimming upriver to spawn! It’s happening NOW.


Shoreline Views

11 May


The newly landscaped shoreline is looking pretty spectacular.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, though, the big old willow along the shoreline blew down in early May. DCR removed it this morning. A little willow grows just east of the now stump. Many of you helped to water that willow when Turner Construction planted it for us two years ago.

New trees: thank goodness we’re planting them at the park now. Contractor R. Bates planted eleven last fall as part of Phase II-1, and the City promises to plant more once the coronavirus fades and it’s safe for City staff to do so. Thank you, Cambridge!

Stay tuned for info about when the fence will come down and IF the pool will open this summer.  After a winter and spring of being cooped up inside, everyone really wants and needs to be outside and moving. Take a walk at the park and check out spring and all the changes…

Vast Open Green Space (Right) Here!

5 May


Needing a shot of spring and river, too? Magazine Beach awaits you… Bring your kites, balls, chalk, and bicycles and enjoy the afternoon at the park. It’s easy to social distance with 17 acres of green.

*See the BIG old willow that sadly blew down this past week. DCR will be removing it soon.

*Check out the goslings!!!!!!!

*Gather sticks in piles along pathways, OR, make a fort with them.

*Bring a bag to take trash home with you. DCR has removed receptacles in the picnicking and pool areas.

*Cross over Memorial Drive to the park on the pedestrian footbridge at the foot of Magazine Street.

We are so lucky to have this extraordinary resource RIGHT HERE.




Spring is in the Air!

24 Mar


Look for signs of spring at the park. This next week things will be bursting out. Go explore!

We need your help, though: please pick up trash (using plastic gloves) and gather sticks in piles along pathways.  If you need work gloves or plastic gloves, take some from the white bucket on my front porch at 202 Hamilton St. Since the 4.25 Earth Day Cleanup has been cancelled, we really need your help.

*MIT set up at the park, and then, after students were sent home, removed their dock and equipment.

*Riverside Boat Club has closed temporarily.

The park is a great open space to run around and linger. As per Governor Baker, no groups of 10 or more, please, though, and keep your distance, and, sorry, for now the exercise station is closed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

THANK YOU, enjoy, exercise, and let nature refresh you!

Coming soon: MIT rowers to Magazine Beach

28 Feb

IMG_9130As you might have noticed up river, MIT is rebuilding their boathouse. This spring, while MIT renovates, their students will row out of the park—just behind the swimming pool.

Both Cambridge and DCR have given MIT necessary permissions and the Riverside Boat Club, good neighbors, will accommodate the new influx of college rowers. MIT will just be at the park through June. See sad, existing conditions above and where MIT rowers will be below. (We really need to get rid of that sunken parking lot!)

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 12.02.42 PM

Also, this spring at the park:

*The City will be planting some new trees!!!!!!!!

*3rd grade CPS students will start engaging in a river study using Magazine Beach as base.

*We’ll host the big Earth Day Cleanup Saturday April 25–contact the Charles River Conservancy’s Sasha Vallieres to register at

*Around May 31, DCR will take down the protective fence blocking off the newly renovated shoreline path and Powder Magazine.