Grass in the Grove!

4 May

As you may know, the grass in the grove disappeared mysteriously last summer—reducing its picnic destination appeal. 

This morning, thanks to DCR, the Charles River Conservancy, Zipcar and us, Magazine Beach Partners, we have now sowed “Natural Perfection” grass seed there, the grass specified by the Charles River Vegetation Management Plan. May it grow!

Sasha (of the CRC) and I aspired to do this on Friday—before all the rain—but discovered that the blighted area was far larger than we’d thought. So we ordered more grass seed and enlisted Zipcar volunteers to help us today. 

We’ve roped off the area; let’s let the grass take hold. To verdant picnicking grounds by July…

Thanks also to the Zipcar volunteers for removing the very invasive garlic mustard from the shoreline, near the huge willow stump, and for picking up sticks, stones and trash at the park.

Eager to remember all the great things we accomplished together in 2022? See our 2022 Magazine Beach Partners Annual Report here. (Scroll to the bottom.) Thanks to our many partners and contributors! Working together, we get things done.

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