New Flowers & Fences

28 Nov
Partridge pea

A few weeks ago, the Charles River Conservancy (CRC), Mass Audubon and Magazine Beach Partners, led by the CRC, sowed seeds along the river shoreline. DCR’s seed mixture, “a low growing upland seed mix,” includes grasses, rushes and wildflowers. 

The native wildflowers include: the partridge pea, tall white beardtongue, gray goldenrod, smooth blue aster and slender mountain mint. The grasses and rushes include: little bluestem, Virginia wildly, deer tongue, upland bentgrass and path rush.

Look for little plants to emerge in the spring. 

The fences along the shoreline remain up to protect this new life. Thank you Mass Audubon for fortifying the fences! May the seeds settle in during the winter and germinate in the warm spring rains.

Dogs have access to the river at the boat launch, along the willow bushes, beside the willow stump and west of the Powder Magazine. Dog walkers, please keep your pups out of the fenced areas!

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