Thank Goodness for Magazine Beach!

7 Aug

During this long heat wave, the park has been the place to cool off. The FREE Olympic-sized pool is open daily 11:15am-6:45pm and the spraydeck, 8am-8pm. Take a dip!

And there’s a cool breeze. Many are picnicking today, including the Hoddington and Johnson families, there to celebrate a 40th birthday.


On Thursday, DCR, Magazine Beach Partners, the Charles River Conservancy and Mass Audubon met about the care of the park. As many of you know, Cambridge maintains the eastern half of the park, tending the fields and collecting trash and recycling from the Cottage Farm parking lot (beside the boat launch). DCR maintains the rest of the park with the help of the City, the CRC, Mass Audubon and we, MBP (the community), too. 

Park partners at the Charles River Conservancy and Mass Audubon examine the shoreline plantings.

Now that Cambridge’s Conservation Commission has signed off on DCR’s new vegetation management plan for the Charles River Basin, the CRC and Mass Audubon can begin to do more focused invasive removal at the park. FANTASTIC! This fall DCR will sow more native plant seeds and plant more seedlings along the shoreline. ALSO FANTASTIC! This means, however, that the the shoreline fencing will stay up for now to give the new plantings a chance to survive. A little rain will help, too! Thanks for your patience about the fence… Working together, we’re committed to making Magazine Beach the urban oasis that it’s got the potential to be.

Note: If you see problems at the park (trash cans needing to be emptied, fallen branches, or issues relating to the bathhouse or pool), please email and cc me at Send a photo and note the location, of course!

There are Three Festivals at the Park This Week–on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday! For more info, click here.

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