Summer is Almost Here

15 Jun

Very nice festival last night, Mass Audubon, and what a gorgeous evening…

The park looks spectacular! DCR has mowed the lawn and put trash cans out. Pendants from the Plastic Tapestry Project (PTP) are up, as is our Magazine Beach exhibit. And The Charles River Conservancy has overseen two park cleanups over the past weeks.

Mass Audubon and the PTP have all sorts of fantastic events planned for the coming week:

Sunday, June 19: Birdwatch and add to the plastic tapestry!

Tuesday, June 21: add to the plastic tapestry!

Thursday, June 23: A Synesthetes Atlas: music by neighbor Ken Fields and projected maps/visuals

Sunday June 26: Kayaking

Learn more about these programs here. Some require registration!

The pool and the newly renovated bathhouse open Saturday, June 25 at 11:15am!!!! AND NEW: FREE Thursday Evening Yoga with Carol Faulkner starts June 30-July 28, except for July 7, 5:30-6:30pm. Courtesy of Magazine Beach Partners. 

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