Shoreline Views

11 May


The newly landscaped shoreline is looking pretty spectacular.

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Sadly, though, the big old willow along the shoreline blew down in early May. DCR removed it this morning. A little willow grows just east of the now stump. Many of you helped to water that willow when Turner Construction planted it for us two years ago.

New trees: thank goodness we’re planting them at the park now. Contractor R. Bates planted eleven last fall as part of Phase II-1, and the City promises to plant more once the coronavirus fades and it’s safe for City staff to do so. Thank you, Cambridge!

Stay tuned for info about when the fence will come down and IF the pool will open this summer.  After a winter and spring of being cooped up inside, everyone really wants and needs to be outside and moving. Take a walk at the park and check out spring and all the changes…

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