Spring is in the Air!

24 Mar


Look for signs of spring at the park. This next week things will be bursting out. Go explore!

We need your help, though: please pick up trash (using plastic gloves) and gather sticks in piles along pathways.  If you need work gloves or plastic gloves, take some from the white bucket on my front porch at 202 Hamilton St. Since the 4.25 Earth Day Cleanup has been cancelled, we really need your help.

*MIT set up at the park, and then, after students were sent home, removed their dock and equipment.

*Riverside Boat Club has closed temporarily.

The park is a great open space to run around and linger. As per Governor Baker, no groups of 10 or more, please, though, and keep your distance, and, sorry, for now the exercise station is closed.

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THANK YOU, enjoy, exercise, and let nature refresh you!

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