The Shoreline is Looking Spectacular

26 Sep

IMG_8947Nine young trees have been planted and thousands of perennials and shrubs, including Hollow Joe-Pye Weed, Steeplebush and Winterberry, are being planted now. Thank goodness for tonight’s rain.


R. Bates & Sons is preparing the concrete base for the granite of the grassy terrace wall and the pervious 8′-wide path along the shoreline has been laid, along with the asphalt path leading up to the Powder Magazine. It’s thrilling to see and worth a visit to the park.

The Design of Phase II-2 is Funded

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 2.31.47 PMMonday night the City Council approved the CPA Committee’s recommendations to invest $47.7k to complete the design and engineering studies for the next phase of work at the park. This will replace the sunken parking lot behind the swimming pool with a grassy beach, better integrating the pool with the site, and add a dock and outlook to increase engagement with the river. This will match a $50k earmark that Rep. Livingstone and Sen. Boncore advocated for in the State budget. Thank you, all!

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